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Announcing Facteur, a mailing kit for .NET


Today marks the go-live of Facteur (French for mailman), a modular mailing kit for .NET. It is a library that allows you to compose e-mails with any service, any template builder, and any technology in .NET. And they are interchangeable, so you can swap and replace parts of your system with the greatest of ease. It adds an extra layer of abstraction to hide the implementation of the e-mail...

Injecting resource files as plain JavaScript objects in ASP.NET Core


Localization and internationalization are much-discussed topics and many terrific solutions have been developed to easily create multilingual applications. I would like to introduce a different way of localizing web-based applications. As the title suggests, I will show you how to inject resource files as plain JavaScript objects to the web client. The result is a simple JavaScript object which...

How to automatically load navigation properties in Entity Framework (Core)


Anyone who has worked with Entity Framework must have managed related entities. I believe many developers will agree the way that system works is difficult to reconcile with design patterns such as the Repository pattern. In this post, I’ll provide one quick and easy way to automatically load all related properties from the database.

Update 2018-11-26: Added the equivalent for EF Core.

Hendrik Bulens All about .NET development