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Unobtrusively update an ExtJS app to TypeScript


What’s right and wrong about ExtJS There is much to say about ExtJS. There are things which make it great but there are just as many arguments against it. Essentially it is a JavaScript framework with a bunch of built-in widgets such as grids, trees, date pickers, charts, etc. Back-end developers will find the programming model quite pleasing as it has an object-oriented feel to it. View...

Automatically deploy a static site to Azure App Service using Azure DevOps


Static websites are nothing to get excited about. To avoid being scorned, it’s probably best not to put it as a skill on your resume or to bring it up at a networking event. Even so, they are everywhere. And for good reason. From a developer’s perspective, quite a lot has happened since the early days of the web. New technologies and frameworks have popped up like mushrooms. They have...

Injecting resource files as plain JavaScript objects in ASP.NET Core


Localization and internationalization are much-discussed topics and many terrific solutions have been developed to easily create multilingual applications. I would like to introduce a different way of localizing web-based applications. As the title suggests, I will show you how to inject resource files as plain JavaScript objects to the web client. The result is a simple JavaScript object which...

Hendrik Bulens All about .NET development