Hendrik Bulens All about .NET development



About this blog

Like many other people in this industry, I keep a blog to share my knowledge and experience. As the name of the blog suggests, it’s pretty much about technologies that Microsoft has created. In addition, I have a particular interest in web development and as a result, these have become the main topics of this blog.

Unlike other blogs, I don’t want to be extremely accurate in my posts. While that doesn’t sound very good, it does make sense though. If you go down that road, you’ll find yourself maintaining your old blog posts more than anything else, especially given the speed at which everything changes.

Instead, it is my goal to plant seeds. If one of my posts has given you an idea or some insight, then I accomplished my goal. To me, having insights and understanding how certain technologies work and can work, are almost as important as knowing how to implement it. The latter can easily be found in docs and blogs but the former is only something you can do on your own.

About me

I have been writing software since 2012. Just like the topics of this blog, I focus on building business software using web technologies. Before my freelance career, I worked a few years as a business consultant at a large professional services organization.

Nowadays, I am co-managing partner at a software company called Dime Software, best known for its graphical planning solution Dime.Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

Hendrik Bulens All about .NET development