Item-based exception handling in LINQ

Last week I rewrote some of my client’s code after having discovered a number of bugs. More specifically, a lot of errors came up in LINQ methods such as Where and Select. In order to capture what exactly was going wrong there, I have added a new extension method to the IEnumerable interface, allowing item-based exception handling on collections and LINQ statements.
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Developing timerjobs in C# with Quartz.NET

At some point, any developer will have to write some code that must be executed at regular intervals. In SharePoint for instance, timerjobs were (!) very easy to create. In .NET, you could choose between scheduled tasks and windows services. While I was doing research on the ideal replacement for timerjobs in the new SharePoint app model, I came across Quartz.NET. In this post, I will show you which code you need to create timerjobs.

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Replacing file extensions from uppercase to lowercase

Here’s a very simple utility that recursively finds uppercase file extensions and makes those who are lowercase. For once, it’s not written in C# but in good old DOS. If you paste this code in a CMD file, you’ll have a working program. If you execute this cmd, it will take the current folder as the root and it will process all files and subfolders.

Nowadays you would use PowerShell but this is a way to provide a quick fix to your users.

Retrieving blog posts using C# and the WordPress REST API

As part of my new professional website that I hope to release later this year, I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a part of my site to this blog. Instead of choosing the rather traditional way of integrating blogs (e.g. embedded HTML snippets), I have chosen to take a look at its Web API. In this article, I will focus on one scenario: working with blog posts.

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