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Announcing Facteur, a mailing kit for .NET


Today marks the go-live of Facteur (French for mailman), a modular mailing kit for .NET. It is a library that allows you to compose e-mails with any service, any template builder, and any technology in .NET. And they are interchangeable, so you can swap and replace parts of your system with the greatest of ease. It adds an extra layer of abstraction to hide the implementation of the e-mail...

Publishing a React app to GitHub pages using a custom subdomain


GitHub pages is a blessing to get a simple website up and running without much fuss. For example, library documentation, which quite often is a mess in the corporate world, can be made much easier with GitHub pages. GitHub and GitHub pages lower the threshold to maintain documentation and include in the development team’s task list. There are many options when it comes to the technology to...

Unobtrusively update an ExtJS app to TypeScript


What’s right and wrong about ExtJS There is much to say about ExtJS. There are things which make it great but there are just as many arguments against it. Essentially it is a JavaScript framework with a bunch of built-in widgets such as grids, trees, date pickers, charts, etc. Back-end developers will find the programming model quite pleasing as it has an object-oriented feel to it. View...

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